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Sunday, April 20, 2008

macho me

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Why, oh, why do I have to get all macho when I’m drinking in a crowd? I seriously have some sort of macho-complex that makes me say and do things that the reptile part of my brain probably thinks is going to impress people. Last night I got in to a discussion with Texas, a sweet, but sometimes really annoying Texan, about Bangs, a girl that I’ve worked with, that I have so much respect for, saying that she was way out of his league and that I was more likely to get her if we were to fight for her. 

It was definitely in a jokingly manner, but her best friend was sitting right there when Texas said “But she’s not really a lesbian, she’s bisexual!” and I was like “Whaddaya mean she’s not a lesbian? She’s got a girlfriend! Although I can totally see that she could be bi… Hmm.” At which point her friend probably felt the need to butt in and advise us that Bangs’ her best friend and that she was with a guy when she realized that she was in fact a lesbian… 

I wonder just how uncomfortable we made her feel talking about her friend like that? I wouldn’t care if it wasn’t for the fact that I adore Bangs. She’s the most righteous chick ever and I wish I hadn’t gotten in to a duel of the words about who would get her and whether she was actually a lesbian or not with Texas. 

Note to self: 

Stay away from macho guys when you’re drunk. They make you behave weird.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


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Rocker Chick calls me to see if I’m free to hang out. I’m unfortunately busy, and when I call her up, almost two hours later she’s already at home and feeling a bit under the weather, apparently.

I feel stupid for a second or two, but how am I supposed to know she’d call me out of the blue, wanting to meet up immediately? I suppose I could’ve left my schedule clear, but then I realize that that would make me Rocker Chicks bitch. It’s too bad though, I haven’t seen her since that night at the club when we were both really drunk, and I was kinda looking forward to seeing how we’d interract. Man, I just got a flashback. She’s so cute. (I want her!)

I’m gonna have to invite her to come stay with me for a weekend. I wonder if she’d dare to come?

Maybe tomorrow, if she’s still isn’t feeling good, I could stop by her place with some cupcakes or something, before I hop on a bus to go back to my “other home” to make up for the fact that I’m so popular I didn’t have time for her when she called.

let’s hang out at my mom’s

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I didn’t see Rocker Chick yesterday after all. I’m thinking I should invite her to come visit me soon. We could go to that lesbian club that I’ve been wanting to go to ever since I moved to my latest “home”, but haven’t had the courage to visit on my own. Well see what happens…

Meanwhile I saved Turtle from fatigue yesterday when his flatmate was being totally depressed and depressing by inviting him to hang out at my moms. He ended up spending the night. I wonder what kind of relationship my mom thinks we have… 

And Tinkerbell is off the list. She’s still cute as hell and I respect her a lot, cause she’s the only one in my department that works her ass off, which is something I really admire, but she has a boyfriend. He’s in Australia at the moment, but a boyfriend nevertheless. And I might be crazy enough to chase after chicks that aren’t really gay, but I’m not crazy enough to chase after chicks that are in heterosexual relationships and that I also work with. 

Saturday, April 5, 2008

adore me

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I just had a chat with two ladies about men and their lack of capability to grasp that a woman is in to them. One of them, Ozzy, is apparently trying to get a guy to understand that she want to spend some time with him without a bunch of friends loitering about. She’s not sure if he’s in to her, which complicates things a little, but me and this other girl are giving her complete opposite advice. “Call him!” “Don’t call him!” “Tell him how you feel!” “Trick him in to going with you on a non-date!” And while we’re talking and debating I realize that I’ve barely had this problem at all. The men (and women) I’ve been involved with (except for my very first boyfriend) have all adored me. They’ve looked at me with complete facination and awe. And I have played my part well in keeping up the charade. Alice – the intriguing woman.


And now as I’m thinking about Rocker Chick and my half-assed attempt to get her to understand that she should date me, I realize that this is the first time I’m thinking about attempting a chase where the victim in question is not already on the hook, so to speak. Althought, she did say that if she were to sleep with a girl she’d definitely sleep with me, and later the same evening her answer to my question: “So when are we gonna sleep together, ey?” was not a bothered look and an attempt to change the subject, but simply ” have my period…”

What do you think, folks? Do I have a chance?


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