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Sunday, April 20, 2008

macho me

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Why, oh, why do I have to get all macho when I’m drinking in a crowd? I seriously have some sort of macho-complex that makes me say and do things that the reptile part of my brain probably thinks is going to impress people. Last night I got in to a discussion with Texas, a sweet, but sometimes really annoying Texan, about Bangs, a girl that I’ve worked with, that I have so much respect for, saying that she was way out of his league and that I was more likely to get her if we were to fight for her. 

It was definitely in a jokingly manner, but her best friend was sitting right there when Texas said “But she’s not really a lesbian, she’s bisexual!” and I was like “Whaddaya mean she’s not a lesbian? She’s got a girlfriend! Although I can totally see that she could be bi… Hmm.” At which point her friend probably felt the need to butt in and advise us that Bangs’ her best friend and that she was with a guy when she realized that she was in fact a lesbian… 

I wonder just how uncomfortable we made her feel talking about her friend like that? I wouldn’t care if it wasn’t for the fact that I adore Bangs. She’s the most righteous chick ever and I wish I hadn’t gotten in to a duel of the words about who would get her and whether she was actually a lesbian or not with Texas. 

Note to self: 

Stay away from macho guys when you’re drunk. They make you behave weird.


Sunday, March 9, 2008

out on the town

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So I go out to the birthdayparty of a colleague and fall in love with another one. A girl who’s fiesty,  hard-working and attractive. Somehow we ended up deciding to go to the movies tomorrow, but even though I got a slightly gay vibe from her she, not only has a boyfriend (in Australia at the moment), but I also work with her. So discretion is adviced  I guess… but she’s so cute! I just want to wrestle her down and kiss her! I blame it on the many gin & tonics combined with the lack of dinner.

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