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Sunday, June 29, 2008

kisses a plenty

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Curly has been out camping for almost a week, due to a bet lost by his friend, and just got back yesterday. I joined him and one of my co-workers for a night on the town. 


Gin & Tonics and shots all around made for a very wet night. Curly living near by made for me inviting him up. I wasn’t really planning on sleeping with him, so we just ended up sleeping in the same bed. Woke up around noon and had a make out marathon. Making out is seriously under rated. 

If Curly had been at all pushy about getting in to my panties he probably could have, but since we were already in that post coital state (without even having sex), where you can just hang out in an extremely relaxed way the tension never got that heated.

No, actually, when he was making an effort to leave it got a bit heated, but then we lost our track, talking and what not, and for some reason didn’t get as far as to banging. Now that I think about it it’s pretty weird. Maybe it’s because I’m not so hot for him really. All of this is, after all, the result of one impulsive kiss in a club…

And how will I balance this with Turtle? It’s possible that I’ve bitten of more than I can chew here… I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

macho me

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Why, oh, why do I have to get all macho when I’m drinking in a crowd? I seriously have some sort of macho-complex that makes me say and do things that the reptile part of my brain probably thinks is going to impress people. Last night I got in to a discussion with Texas, a sweet, but sometimes really annoying Texan, about Bangs, a girl that I’ve worked with, that I have so much respect for, saying that she was way out of his league and that I was more likely to get her if we were to fight for her. 

It was definitely in a jokingly manner, but her best friend was sitting right there when Texas said “But she’s not really a lesbian, she’s bisexual!” and I was like “Whaddaya mean she’s not a lesbian? She’s got a girlfriend! Although I can totally see that she could be bi… Hmm.” At which point her friend probably felt the need to butt in and advise us that Bangs’ her best friend and that she was with a guy when she realized that she was in fact a lesbian… 

I wonder just how uncomfortable we made her feel talking about her friend like that? I wouldn’t care if it wasn’t for the fact that I adore Bangs. She’s the most righteous chick ever and I wish I hadn’t gotten in to a duel of the words about who would get her and whether she was actually a lesbian or not with Texas. 

Note to self: 

Stay away from macho guys when you’re drunk. They make you behave weird.

Friday, April 4, 2008


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I realised on this trip to Paris with Turtle that we are in fact more than “nothing”. I’ve been telling myself, and anyone who asks, that we’re bascally just friends. But that’s not really true. We don’t hang out as friends. And so I suddenly realized that we’re most likely “dating”. We’re more than friends, but not boyfriend & girlfriend. That was, for some reason, good news. Now I have a label on or relationshisp, and have kind of, a chart to follow, not that that’s necessary, but the feeling that I should be weirded out by our relationship kid of vanished… Damn. Unfortunately, I’m writing this while drunk so I cannot continue this trail of thought, but I will definitely keep you updated if something new happens.   

Monday, March 24, 2008

hey, I AM the gay club!

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Despite not going to a gay club at all, I still get some chick-action. The chick, Rocker chick, is one I’ve fooled around with before. We’ve been friends for three or so years, and I’m not sure how it started, but I think I dragged her to a club once (same one as we were in this Saturday if I remember correctly) and told her that I’d make out with her before the night was over. As I recall, it was a bit awkward since she wouldn’t stop giggling, and after one more attempt, where I kinda groped her, and her still giggling, I kinda gave it up.But this time we were doing liquorice shots all night, and when I saw she had liquorice at the corner of her mouth I couldn’t resist licking it off. And her reply was a raised eyebrow and an: “Oh, you think you can get away with that?!” And then the game was on. 

I should be ashamed of myself, taking advantage of a drunken girl like that, and had I not though she enjoyed it as much as I did, I just might have been. Besides, she’s just so tiny and cute with her rocker attitude, I swear I could just eat her up! Maybe I should invite her to come sleep… er, I mean stay with me for a weekend in my other town, and see what happens?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

“I wanna get to know you”

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I find a cute boy by the dancefloor that reminded me of another cute boy I once new, so i started talking to him.”Hey you wanna go someplace else where we ca talk?” he says and then follows up with, what seems like a very sincere: “I wanna get to know you.” And I get a bit annoyed. The night isn’t gonna be young forever, and if I start talking to him I might find that I don’t think he’s as cute anymore. So give him the only sensible reply I have: “Wouldn’t you rather make out?” After looking a bit bewildered for a few seconds he mumbles something about straightforwardness at which point I just grab him by the hair and kiss him, which is pretty easy since he’s sitting down and I’m standing up. (Later I discover that he infact is really tall.) Then I leave him to go find my friends and he disappears in the crowd.


I bump in to him later, at which point I actually sit down and talk to him, or rather listen to him talk. The boy won’t shut up! Talks about his studies and yadayadayada, blabla. And I’m sure that it might actually be interresting, but I’m kind of drunk and have an attention span of about 8 seconds. And just as I thought he got less cute when I started to “get to know him”. He finishes up with what, once again, seems to be a sincere rambling about sleeping togehther without having sex. I look at him as if he’s from outer space and decide I will definitely not take him home. The phrase: “I want to take you home and bang you sensless” would actually have been more of a turn-on here, but either way, “cute” will not get you in to my bed. He gives me his number, but I doubt I will use it, so it was probably uncool of me to take it in the first place…

Friday, March 14, 2008

but if I don’t drink – how will I have fun?

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And the day after tomorrow. 

These are the days the intake of alcohol will be higher than usual.  Especially on the day after tomorrow, since that’s the day I, myself will be holding a party… And the alcohol will be flowing.

But my throat is still weird. Kind of sore, but not really… Man, I hope I don’t lose my voice before my own party! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

yarr, matey!

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My throat threatens to get sour. 

I bribe it with rum, hoping it’ll stay out of trouble. 

Alcohol kills bacteria, right…? 

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I laugh

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Woke up this morning with a vague memory of writing a blog entry last night. I read it and laugh. I should know better than to blog when I’m under the influence, so to speak…  I am not in love with the fiesty chick, I’m gonna call her Tinkerbell from now on, I was probably just attracted by her fiesty aura. And I think I had a little bit too much to drink… 

Well, anyways, I am meeting Tinkerbell and a few other people from work to go see Juno this evening. I just called her and we decided to meet up earlier and go for a coffe or something. I’m looking forward to getting to know her. I could use some more fiesty chicks around me.

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