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Sunday, June 29, 2008

kisses a plenty

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Curly has been out camping for almost a week, due to a bet lost by his friend, and just got back yesterday. I joined him and one of my co-workers for a night on the town. 


Gin & Tonics and shots all around made for a very wet night. Curly living near by made for me inviting him up. I wasn’t really planning on sleeping with him, so we just ended up sleeping in the same bed. Woke up around noon and had a make out marathon. Making out is seriously under rated. 

If Curly had been at all pushy about getting in to my panties he probably could have, but since we were already in that post coital state (without even having sex), where you can just hang out in an extremely relaxed way the tension never got that heated.

No, actually, when he was making an effort to leave it got a bit heated, but then we lost our track, talking and what not, and for some reason didn’t get as far as to banging. Now that I think about it it’s pretty weird. Maybe it’s because I’m not so hot for him really. All of this is, after all, the result of one impulsive kiss in a club…

And how will I balance this with Turtle? It’s possible that I’ve bitten of more than I can chew here… I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

work out

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Goooood, I wish I could have sex instead of going to the gym!!!

I don’t want to work ouuuut. I want to get laaaiiiiid.


What? Frustrated? Me? Pssssh…

Sunday, June 15, 2008

chills down my spine

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I’m not a total infatuation junkie. I’m not.

But certain things, like one sweet, juicy kiss in a club, can echo throughout my entire day sending chills of “mmm” down my spine. So every time I’m reminded of the kiss I can’t help but giggle inside, not because of Curly, but just because it tasted so sweet. I wonder if that kiss is sending chills down his spine too, or if it’s only me.

And I’m forcing myself not to write him a message on facebook (seriously, I hate facebook, but in these kind of situations it can be a very useful tool!) just because he’s “online” and I have nothing better to do at the moment. But it’s fine. Play the game, yadayadayada…

Maybe I should go to bed early toinght so that I’m well rested tomorrow.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

the sound of nothing

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I hate it when my phone rings now. Even though I think I know that Ted actually won’t be contacting me at this point, my first thought is always: “Ted?!” And then I feel a bit foolish and get a little disappointed.

Funny thing is that in reality I haven’t had much contact with Ted except for on facebook. So he actually doesn’t mean much to me at all, but somehow I built this image of how much fun I was going to have with him. I built it so solid that I’m actually disappointed. “Oh, but all the fun I’m not having!” 

I’m sure the intitial feeling of surprise will wear off soon, and I have certainly learned from this. 

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Spontanuity, I ain’t your bitch

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The fact that my calculations are off by at least two days tells me that he’s not really that interrested. Damn Ted. But it’s not his fault. Maybe he hasn’t learned to recognize one of his own kind* yet. Maybe he’s never met one yet?

Anyways, it’s thursday afternoon and still no word from Ted. So let’s get ahead of ourselves and create a dilemma: If he were to message/call me tomorrow night wondering if I’m up for doing something my whole being tells me I should say “no”, just to prove I’m no one’s bitch. If you want me you’ve gotta be willing to show some interrest. (I mean, come on, how busy are you that you don’t have time to send one message? The only reason not to would be because you’re so damn sure of yourself.)

So what do I do

Go out and have fun at the flick of his wrist, or stay at home and sulk, ’cause I’m nobody’s bitch?


*carefree fuckers who tend to have a blast if more than one

Sunday, June 8, 2008

sex & expectations

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For one week messages have been sent back and forth between me and Ted. Initially I’d wanted to hang out with him for a bit and then have him come over and fuck me. And as the week’s progressed I’m sure that he has a very clear image of that. Not the hanging out part, but the fucking. He pretty much expects it, which is probably exactly what I would have done if I was him, and I realize I’ve painted myself into a corner here.

Yes, I do (think) I want to sleep with Ted, but I most definitely would like to just hang out with him first. Cause when you get right to it, it takes some trust to sleep with someone. And now I’m kind of sorry I made it so obvious that it’s basically a good bang that I’m after, cause that will probably take away a lot of the excitement of not knowing what’s gonna happen.

I want to go out, sit down and seriously have some tapas, feel the excitement building and then take him home with me. I don’t want to miss out on the awkwardness of trying to make conversation with someone you actually just want to have throw you over the shoulder, take you home and bang you sensless. 

Maybe most of all I’m afraid I’ll feel used. I don’t randomly pick out guys to sleep with. As a matter of fact, Ted is the first guy I’ve been attracted to in more than six months. And I don’t mind that he’s leaving and that I’ll probably only have him once, but I would mind if I met him and he went about it in a “let’s get down to buisness” kind of way. Maybe I shouldn’t overthink this since there’s a good chance we won’t have time to meet at all.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I do spontaneous, I don’t do patience

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“It’ll have to be spontaneous.” he says and asks for my number.

I tease him a little before I give it to him.

We’ve been running around at work on different floors but managed to bump in to eachother a few times. As soon as we pass eachother a grin spreads on my face. To avoid grinning straight up his face I have to clench my jaws shut whenever I see him. There is a slight chance he thinks I’ve been a little bit pissed off the entire day…

I don’t like spontaneous. I like to plan. Like to be prepared.

Most of all, I’d like to have a chance to hang out with Ted before he leaves just to see if I was right when I thought we might be likeminded and therefore possibly have a blast if we got together. 

And just to mess with him, and possibly make him hurry up and get finished with his work so that he’ll come out to play, I wrote him a message on facebook that said: “Dammit Ted, I could eat you up! Too bad you’re such a busy bastard!” 

And unless his reply contains some kind of question, that will be the end of my quirky facebook messages to Ted.



Sunday, June 1, 2008

bang me?

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Friday, April 11, 2008

look, a fuck-me bear!

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Is it wrong to want to eat one of your work associates up? I mean, what if they have dimples and fuck-me lips  (it’s the kind of strange lips that Brad Pitt has) and are huge, assumably muscular, but look like a fuck-me teddybear? Well, is it?

Monday, April 7, 2008

which one should i play?

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Earlier this evening, as I got back to my “other home”, this time bringing my guitarr back with me from my mothers place, I was faced with a difficult choice. Should I play the guitar and finish the song I’ve been writing for the past couple of days or should I surf the net for porn and play with myself? 

Usually when I’m in porn-surfing mode I get completely lost out in the World Wide Web and will be gawking at porn for hours (or at least one hour) while touching myself, and I will eventually have an involuntary orgasm (cause I usually want to keep going for ever), leaving me a bit unsatisfied and unable to fall asleep. (Unless I do it mid-day. Then will immediately fall asleep, and waste the good part of the day in bed.)

Well, dear readers, as it turns out I didn’t have to choose. Apparently I can play the guitar instead of sleeping, which works out quite well, now that I’m all satisfied and unable to sleep. And the song is turning out better than I expected (I expected crap), so go ahead and feel free to congratulate me on an overwhelmingly productive evening.

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