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Thursday, June 19, 2008

child of my generation

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I’ve moved us from facebook to msn. So far it’s going good. And although we’ve been chatting for an hour there has been no sexual referrences what so ever. Rare. This sort of half-anonymous communication usually makes people a lot bolder and a bit more wicked than in real life.

But Curly’s a pretty interresting guy. Found out that he’s soon-to-be 30, which I wouldn’t have guessed… Shit, I just forgot what he looked like. Wonder what that means. I could always log in to facebook and check it out I suppose. But what I should really be doing is pack, since I’m going back to my hometown for the week end and plan to give away most of my shoes to my best friend. Won’t be able to take them all with me to Hong Kong in a month or two anyways, so better just give them to someone who’ll love them.

We did decide to meet up the week after next, though, me and Curly. Some sort of jazz jam on a tuesday. If I didn’t know better I’d say it was a date, but either way… it’s gonna be fun.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

gay clubbing close to home

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I’m going back to my hometown over Easter. Was thinking I might go to the gay club. Last time I was there was many years ago, when I was in a relationship with a guy, but I remember watching a couple of girls make out on the dancefloor as if they were about to devour each-other with a look of endearment and a tinge of envy.

The only thing is that one of the former (?) owners (I don’t know if he’s moved on by now) is a friend of my family. And I’m afraid if I find someone to make out with word is gonna spread in the circles my mom travels in, and I’d hate for her to hear rumours about me and what I do from close-minded people who don’t know their ass from their face.Or maybe I just don’t care and go anyways.    

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