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Friday, April 4, 2008


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I realised on this trip to Paris with Turtle that we are in fact more than “nothing”. I’ve been telling myself, and anyone who asks, that we’re bascally just friends. But that’s not really true. We don’t hang out as friends. And so I suddenly realized that we’re most likely “dating”. We’re more than friends, but not boyfriend & girlfriend. That was, for some reason, good news. Now I have a label on or relationshisp, and have kind of, a chart to follow, not that that’s necessary, but the feeling that I should be weirded out by our relationship kid of vanished… Damn. Unfortunately, I’m writing this while drunk so I cannot continue this trail of thought, but I will definitely keep you updated if something new happens.   


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the smell of safe

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I spent way too many nights with Turtle. It’s so easy to just fall back in to old patterns. Mostly we just slept in the same bed, for days in a row. I’m pretty sure he gives off an undetectable smell that enables me to sleep for ages. Like 15-16 hours a day. And the ever so comforting sensation of skin against skin. It’s just a really good feeling.

I accidentally invite him to go with me to Paris this weekend. At first I was planning on travelling alone, but then I thought it might be nice to have a travelling companion, and he agreed in a heartbeat. Neither of us has ever been to Paris so we’ll probably spend the time getting lost together and eating croissants. Possibly hitting eachother over the head with baguettes if we get on each others nerves, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. 

We’ve been “broken up” for eight months, but when we’re together it’s like we’re pretend-lovers. We haven’t managed to get out of coupledom, with the one exception of expectaitons. We have none. It’s like a real relationship without the pressure. And without the I love you‘s. It’s actually quite perfect since we both get to be totally selfish and still enjoy eachothers company. One migth say that breaking up was probably the best thing that ever happened to our relationship… 

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