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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


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I’m really no good at this “blogging anonymously”-thing. The idea of a non-cencored blog, where I write stuff that I don’t talk about to people who know me, gets kind of lost since I’m convinced that. sooner or later, the blog will be found by someone who knows me. Although highly unlikely it’s not impossible. And the more precise information I give out, the easier it will get to be found. (I feel like a criminal on the run here.)

So out of paranoia I feel uncomfortable talking about what kind of company I work for or even which country I live in. I also try not to write about the same things as I do in my “official” blog so that people won’t be able to match the two together.At the moment it’s hard, since I’m not involved in much craziness, intrigues or evil schemes, but ideally this blog should be so different from the other one, that no one would be able to make the connection between the two different Alices…

And now I’m off to eat breakfast in the closet, with my hat made of aluminum foil so that the aliens won’t steal my brainwaves.Taaa.

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