Alice – In search of Wonderland

here, kitty?

Contact resumed today by Teddy, while I was at work. Apparently I was right. He doesn’t seem to mind at all, but apparently doesn’t believe that I’m not usually this forward. Insightful kid, that Ted. When I really want a boy, I don’t hesitate to tell them so. (But in those rare cases it’s almost always just sex.)

Since he doesn’t mind, I decide to speak even more freely (I do believe I’m right about this one. He has the same kind of dirty mind that I do) and reply:

“I was thinking tapas and lots of wine, but I’m up for anything.

Going to the beach, hanging out in a park, playing Twister or just making out are also acceptable alternatives to tapas…

But of course, tapas would be best. (⌒_⌒)”


Damn, now I regret the smiley, but since Ted peppers his messages full of them (not the japanese ones, thought) maybe he won’t mind.

It’s all about image. As long as I constantly convey that I’m really, really cool, he’ll play the game. That’s why, now that he hasn’t answered for a couple of hours (I wrote my message when I got home, about an hour and a half after it was recieved) I have to beware of not replying too soon. Have to make him wait. Why do you guys have to be so… tricky. You’re like cat’s. As soon as you’ve got your prey in front of, you get bored and walk away. It has to always be moving, jerking, trying to get away if it wants to keep your interrest.

Ted, by the way, is not totally unlike Rumble. They have a similar physique and, to me, they both look like sex on legs. Ted a little bit more so.


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