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Saturday, June 7, 2008

I do spontaneous, I don’t do patience

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“It’ll have to be spontaneous.” he says and asks for my number.

I tease him a little before I give it to him.

We’ve been running around at work on different floors but managed to bump in to eachother a few times. As soon as we pass eachother a grin spreads on my face. To avoid grinning straight up his face I have to clench my jaws shut whenever I see him. There is a slight chance he thinks I’ve been a little bit pissed off the entire day…

I don’t like spontaneous. I like to plan. Like to be prepared.

Most of all, I’d like to have a chance to hang out with Ted before he leaves just to see if I was right when I thought we might be likeminded and therefore possibly have a blast if we got together. 

And just to mess with him, and possibly make him hurry up and get finished with his work so that he’ll come out to play, I wrote him a message on facebook that said: “Dammit Ted, I could eat you up! Too bad you’re such a busy bastard!” 

And unless his reply contains some kind of question, that will be the end of my quirky facebook messages to Ted.




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