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Thursday, April 17, 2008


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Recently I’ve been thinking. Wondering if I’m different from all of you guys in the spcific way that I sometimes have an overwhelming sadness within me. It’s like an animal that goes to sleep, and then sometimes wakes up and yawns or moves aroun in it’s sleep. The most meaningless things can trigger it sometimes, and when they do I just feel… so sad. Like every part of me goes limp and I don’t want to move ever again. Do you ever get that feeling? It’s like mini-depressions. They don’t even last for a few minutes, but during those minutes I am sad about pretty much everything that’s wrong in the world. 

And then I shake it off.

Today it just hit me, for the first time, that maybe not all human beings are like this. Something I’ve just assumed so far. So I’m curious, does the world make you sad, or is it just me?

  Is the world a sad and depressing place?

  1) Yes, I get depressed all the time.
2) Nah, it’s just you.

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